Whitewing is the older sister to Dewclaw, Ambersky, and Snowfall. She is a snowy white she-cat with green eyes and broad shoulders.

Untold SecretsEdit

Whitewing is first mentioned by Snowpaw, in his thoughts, when his mentor is named to be Icecloud, who was mentored by Whitewing. She isn't seen again until the Apprentice Ceremony of the three kits, Amberkit, Snowkit and Dewkit. She seems particularly upset at Dewpaw's outburst against Birchfall and moves closer to her mate. When Dewpaw is looking for his Birchfall, he wonders, with disgust, whether he's with Whitewing. She is noted, a chapter later, to be out hunting with Birchfall and Dovewing.

A JourneyEdit

When Icecloud, Snowpaw's mentor, can't be found, Whitewing takes Snowpaw out battle training instead. She is mentioned again by Snowpaw when the three apprentices meet Ravenpaw and Barley at the barn. He tells them that she has kits, Dovewing and Ivypool. When Cinderheart and Lionblaze's five kits are apprenticed, Whitewing is chosen as the mentor for the Stormpaw. Redpaw and Dewpaw share about their lives and Dewpaw mentions Whitewing and tells Redpaw of her kits. She only appears once more, when she is commented to be sharing tongues with her mate, Birchfall, in the Stone Hollow.

Eye of the StormEdit

Whitewing is assigned to the dawn patrol to the WindClan border, along with Mousewhisker, Seedflight, Foxleap and Dewclaw. Later she returns with the rest of the patrol. When Dewclaw is going to meet Redflower, he decides not to leave camp through the Thorn Barrier as Whitewing and Blossomfall are sitting guard. During a clan meeting, Dewclaw sits near Whitewing.

She is seen a chapter later, leaving the camp with her apprentice, Stormpaw, and Berrynose and Puddlepaw. She is also picked to attend the following gathering. Whitewing is one of the cats to sit vigil for Icecloud, her former apprentice.

On the night of the battle between SkyClan, RiverClan and ThunderClan and The Watchers and WindClan, Whitewing is sitting guard of camp. She is the one who also wakes everyone up when Sagewhisker delivers the news to her of the battle. She's also named as one of the cats in the battle party.

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