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This wiki is dedicated to the Warrior Cats Fan Fiction series Blue Moon, which is posted on by InkblotLeaf. The series is based after the events of the sixth Omen of the Stars book, The Last Hope, and focuses on the three kits of Cloudtail and Brightheart: Dewkit, Amberkit and Snowkit.

Enter the world of Blue Moon and explore the character profiles, uncover the secrets and have fun with other readers. Currently a work in progress.

Dark Skies is now complete and Falling Shadows will commence shortly. Chapters are typically uploaded once a week, where possible.

Dark Skies is complete, whilst Falling Shadows will be published soon, but also in the works is a one-shot featuring the lives of Redflower, Whitefern and their sister Breezepaw, from when they were younger. That can be expected to be finished within a few weeks.

The wiki is still under construction, updates will be posted here.

You can visit the Blue Moon website by clicking the following link. On it can be found further content, including a Blue Moon theme playlist, interesting facts and fanart.[1]

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