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Snowfall is a small, fluffy, white tom with amber eyes.

History Edit

The Last Hope Edit

Snowkit is born with his siblings, Amberkit and Dewkit, to Brightheart and Cloudtail of ThunderClan. During the Great Battle, he and his siblings are protected in the nursery by Brightheart, with Lilykit and Seedkit watching over them and making sure they stay in the nursery.

(It is at this point that the plot of Blue Moon diverges from canon.)

Untold Secrets Edit

Snowkit, along with Amberkit and Dewkit, watches Cherryflower and Molespots' warrior ceremony and is seen to be eager to become a warrior himself. He late visits the Elders' Den, where Sandstorm tells the story of the lost Clan: SkyClan.

At their apprentice ceremony, Snowpaw having been apprenticed to Icecloud, he is just as shocked as everyone else when Dewpaw refuses to accept Birchfall as his mentor due to his involvement with the Dark Forest. Snowpaw is later shown at the end of a battle training session when he hears a voice, telling him to find the sky. He, along with Amberpaw and Dewpaw go to the Gathering and is seen to be rather mouse-brained, something which puzzles Amberpaw, as she notes him to be the most intelligent out of the siblings. When she sees him staring at Seedpaw, he seems to be embarrassed by her teasing, hinting that he has feelings for Seedpaw.

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