Falling Shadows Cover

Falling Shadows is the fifth book in the Blue Moon series. The cat depicted in the circle on the front cover is Whitefern and the two cats in the background are Snowfall and Mossfire. It commenced writing in July of 2016. It features viewpoints from Ambersky, Dewclaw, Snowfall, Seedflight, Redflower and Whitefern, with the addition of two new RiverClan viewpoints: Cloudysky and Rapidstream.

Summary Edit

The roots of the clans have been shaken. ThunderClan has been severed, some cats having fled for the safety of the tunnels whilst the rest remain within the control of the Divisions. As the clans grow weaker, the Divisions gain in strength, destroying whatever lies in their path for power. The clans' only hope lies in an alliance, but with tension brewing amongst them a union seems more distant than ever.

Trivia Edit

It was originally titled 'Shadow Seeker'.

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