EOTS cover (blue moon)
Eye Of The Storm is the third book in the Blue Moon series. The cat depicted on the cover is Snowfall. The book commenced writing in January 2014 and was finished in September 2014.


"Bound by fate, torn by choices; the three of the sky..."

After moons of training and a long, treacherous journey, Amberpaw, Dewpaw and Snowpaw have led SkyClan to their rightful place beside the lake, receiving their warrior names. But this path the have embarked on is far from finished.

With SkyClan still settling into their new home, they face questioning over whether the fifth clan really belong beside the lake. Amidst all this, a group of cats from the twolegplace are stirring up trouble, tearing apart allegiances and threatening the future of the clans altogether. Tensions are rising, loyalty will be tested, there's a storm brewing and it's only so long until it breaks.


Redflower, Molespots and Seedflight's viewpoints were introduced in this book as regular viewpoints.

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