Dewclaw table

Dewclaw is a dark grey tom with amber eyes.

History Edit

The Last Hope Edit

Dewclaw is born in ThunderClan to Brightheart and Cloudtail near the end of the last Omen of the Stars book, 'The Last Hope' under the name of Dewkit, along with his sisters, Amberkit and Snowkit. After the battle, he and Amberkit see Ferncloud's dead body and assume that she is sleeping, and that her mate, Dustpelt, will soon wake her up.

(It is at this point that the plot of 'Blue Moon' diverges from canon.)

Untold Secrets Edit

Dewkit, along with his siblings, watches the warrior ceremony of Molepaw and Cherrypaw, re-named Molespots and Cherryflower. While Amberkit is excited, she notes that Dewkit looks bored. Though Amberkit once asked him if her wanted to become a medicine cat, due to his seeming lack of enthusiasm at the prospect of becoming a warrior, Dewkit found the idea ridiculous and showed his distaste of sick cats. When Brightheart suggests that the three kits go to visit the elders, Amberkit and Snowkit charge off, with Dewpaw following. Amberkit notes that Dewkit doesn't even enjoy listening to the elders' tales and wonders why he bothered joining them in the elders' den. When Sandstorm asks if the three kits, along with Lilykit, would like to hear a story, Dewkit's reluctance is clear, prompting Amberkit to think of his as a 'grumpy mouse-brain'. While the elder tells the tale of SkyClan, he makes no comment and seems fairly uninterested.

He is noted to, even as a kit, have tactics for fights planned out and, though he generally shows a lack of humour, he is seen to be almost laughing by Snowpaw. He suggests sneaking out of camp so that Bramblestar will make him and his siblings apprentices, but makes no move to join in their play-fight when they dismiss his idea.

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