Dark Skies V2 cover

Dark Skies' is the fourth book in the Blue Moon series. It commenced writing in September 2014 and was completed in June of 2016.


"This is nothing more than the calm before the storm, the skies ahead are darker than we could imagine. Who knows how long this storm will last?"

Dark skies have settled above the clans, with the looming shadows threatening to destroy the clans forever. With a disease ripping through ThunderClan, the race for a cure becomes even more desperate. Tensions are brewing between SkyClan and RiverClan, threatening to destroy the alliance that binds them whilst ShadowClan is hurling accusations, their leader greedy with power. And all the while, WindClan is ominously quiet.

With the divisions preparing for battle, this war suddenly seems much more real and an absolutely terrifying prospect. Battles will be fought, decisions will be made and the ultimate sacrifice given. One thing's certain; no cat can be trusted.


It was originally to be titled 'Danger Lurking'.

Initially, the Blue Moon series was planned to finish after Dark Skies, but then the plot was developed further and 2 additional books were added: Falling Shadows and Lightning.

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