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Ambersky is a pale grey she-cat with amber eyes, white paws, muzzle and right ear.

History Edit

The Last Hope Edit

Ambersky is born to Brightheart and Cloudtail near the end of the last Omen of the Stars book, 'The Last Hope' under the name of Amberkit, along with her brothers, Dewkit and Snowkit. She also has an older sister, Whitewing, born in an earlier litter. After the battle, she and Dewkit see Ferncloud's dead body and assume that she is sleeping, and that her mate, Dustpelt, will soon wake her up.

(It is at this point that the plot of 'Blue Moon' diverges from canon.)

Untold Secrets Edit

Amberkit watches Molespots' and Cherryflower's warrior ceremony. She shows great enthusiasm and excitement for becoming a warrior. She seems to be closer to her brother, Snowkit, than her other brother, Dewkit.

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